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Neff Built-In Dishwashers with Renewed Design

As a kitchen studio authorized by NEFF we have all their news, and today we want to tell you about the new range of built-in dishwashers NEFF. What makes them special?

Well, among other things, the possibility of having a flexible and versatile interior space, if as you read, you can organize the interior space according to your needs in each wash thanks to its third basket or flex tray.

How to use the Neff Dishwasher Flex Accessories?

On the one hand, you have a basket to use if you need a space to place small kitchen utensils such as cups, glasses, bowls ... In addition, it incorporates a space for large cutlery that you can move to organize the space according to your needs.

On the other hand, this new range of NEFF dishwashers incorporates a flex tray to place the cutlery and not have to use an additional basket, which allows you to make more use of the space of the main tray. In addition, this flex tray includes height-adjustable sides that allow more space to place large dishes in the lower basket.

Innovation and Comfort in your Kitchen

The new range of NEFF dishwashers They incorporate programs and functions that will make your life easier. For example, the "favorite" button can be a great ally if you frequently use the same program that you can also use from the app.

Another innovation that will make your life easier is the Open Assist opening system, inspired by the push-pull mechanism so used in kitchen furniture without handles.

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