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Danespan as a brand, as a company and as a furniture manufacturer, has been our guiding star for more than 30 years, embracing all the values that characterize our work and our kitchens.

No one can better describe the meaning than the people who started this exciting project, named after Danespan: Juan Antonio García Ramírez and Flemming Frank Petersen.

At first they looked around and couldn't find the kitchen they dreamed of, so they decided to make it themselves. His dream was to create unique experiences for each customer through the kitchens and to differentiate himself from everyone else in terms of quality and design. And we came close to achieving it every day, with every innovation, every development and every model.

Danespan's most important principle is commitment to each client, making the most of every idea, thought or suggestion that helps us build a better experience. From day one, we have strived to translate performance into versatility, quality and success in the smartest way possible. We identify ourselves as design lovers and we persevere in the utmost care of our products, making them unique.

Danespan especially manufactures high-quality kitchen furniture, and for our most demanding customers, also bathroom furniture, dressing rooms, cabinets, living room furniture and barbecues with special materials.

Each order is a challenge because each client is special. Danespan is a small and large company in its potential for action, this is because we do not get scared no matter how big or difficult each project is. This has led Danespan to install kitchens in the following countries: Mexico, Uruguay, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Morocco, Denmark, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Ireland to date, and we look forward to continuing to carry our brand further from our borders.

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