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Keys to achieve a Modern and Functional Kitchen

Are you thinking of reforming your kitchen or giving it another look? Well, this post interests you.

We have compiled a series of keys and tips to achieve a modern and functional kitchen so that this space becomes a place where you will like to spend time.

Take care of the distribution of the space

To carry out the distribution of the kitchen it is important to take into account the furniture and appliances to group them according to the different areas:

  • Cooking: In which the plate and the oven must be placed
  • Washing: Area consisting of sink and / or dishwasher
  • Storage: This area is reserved for the refrigerator and pantry furniture

The route between these three areas must be comfortable and fluid to achieve a fully functional space.

Choose Suitable Materials

We cannot forget that kitchens are, above all, workspaces. For this reason, it is essential to choose suitable materials to withstand humidity, stains and a lot of use.

For example, you can opt for granite, synthesized stones, ceramic or porcelain stoneware.

For the separation of spaces, much is used to a wall with blackboard paint on which you can write down tasks, shopping list, etc.

Keep lighting in mind

It may seem secondary when creating the kitchen, but the truth is that it is one of the keys to the space.

It is important to combine general light with point lights in the different work areas. Lighting is responsible for creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Areas such as the hob are the best illuminated in a kitchen, therefore hoods or extractors usually incorporate light to illuminate the cooking area.

Select Storage Zones

Depending on the space you have, you can associate different storage areas such as around the refrigerator where you can place cabinets for perishable foods or take advantage of the height of this appliance to put next to it a tall cabinet in which to store the broom and mop.

Another great storage space is under the sink. This can usually be used for garbage cans, rags, cleaning products ...

Tall cabinets are usually reserved for crockery and glassware.

When distributing the space, do not forget to leave areas to store trays, dishes and small appliances. This is one of the great keys to achieving a modern and functional kitchen.

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